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Royal Garden Resort Homeowners Association, Inc.

Annual Homeowners meeting minutes

Saturday October 5, 2019


The Annual Homeowners meeting of Royal Garden Resort Homeowners Association, Inc. was called to order at 9 amon Saturday October 5, 2019 in Murrells Inlet Community Center by Penny Canady.


The following Board Members were in attendance and were introduced by Mrs. Canady

Penny Canady, Wayne Longbrake, Judy Parrish, Harold Outz, Shelia Trull

General Manager Steve Pitzer

HOA attorney Gene Connell

All Board member present.

President Penny Canady asked for the proof of notice. Mrs. Shelia Trull presented the signed notice to the Board of Directors and owners.

Percentage of ownership present. 62%

Approval of Agenda

Peggy Carlson (1105) made motion to accept agenda. Motion was 2nd and motion carried with all in favor. 

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Open Issues

Mr. Gene Connell presented information about the pending lawsuit. Also discussed the back dues, by-laws and master deed. Stated Judge ruled the trash chute door access can not be blocked. Warned homeowners about slanderous comments. Stated a forensic audit has been done. Stated case may take 1 to 3 years depending on the judge. 

Regime has spent approximately $28,000 for forensic audit

Regime has spent approximately $20,000 in attorney fees so far.

Officers Reports:

Mrs. Penny Canady thanked the RGR office employees for all their hard work.

Treasure report Mrs. Judy Parrish presented the proposed 2020 working budget. Copy attached

Motion was made to accept proposed budget by unit 912 and 2nd by unit 1105 all approved

Vice President report Mr. Harold Outz went over the cost and work completed to the fire alarm system. Phase 1 was installing new control panel. Phase 2 was the north, south, center risers and pump room. Installed new wiring, speaker strobes and pull boxes. Cost $ 64,190.00. Phase 3 will be the main riser and connect to each unit wiring. Cost about $30,000.00 + 

Secretary report Mrs. Shelia Trull ask all homeowners to make sure the RGR office had their updated address and email. Informed owners the Board will be starting committees and asked for volunteers for the entertainment committee. 

General Manager Mr. Steve Pitzer has handout sheets of projects completed this year. Copy attached

Mrs. Shelia Trull stated that one term of Board members was expiring. The following owners expressed an interest in serving if elected:

Cynthia Caffee unit 1505

Penny Canady unit 1407

Neil Gray unit 1115

Richard Klepper unit 311

Debra Scott unit 1602

Each candidate gave a brief resume of themselves.

Election of Directors

Motion was made to close nominations and 2nd, motion carried. 

Unit 212 Mrs. Troutman and unit 1204 Mr. Peters volunteered to collect ballots and count votes.

Election results:

Debra Scott will serve a 3-year term 

Mr. Harold Outz stood and resigned his position on the Board.

Neil Gray will finish out Mr. Harold Outz term a 2-year remaining term 

The association members congratulated the new Board of Directors.

New Business

Owner asked why the balconies are a different color, Mr. Steve Pitzer stated work is in progress to unify the colors.

A letter will be going out to owners for a quote to replace the main steel entrance doors.

Owners requested the following be mailed to them. New rules and regulations, by-laws, master deed and articles of incorporation.

Owners requested Board to purchase a new bike rack.

Electricity cost are up and the Board has requested the common area lights be switched over to new LED lighting and has asked the owners to do the same to save money. The indoor pool temperature has been set at 85 degrees to conserve energy cost also.

Parking- according to the HOA attorney if you rent your unit, you can not leave a car stored in the parking garage. The 2 spaces have to be available to the renters. Mr. Harold Outz gave a brief summary of the parking spaces, golf carts spaces count as a parking space. New parking rules are stated in the rules and regulations.

New gun regulation signs will be posted around the resort.

New 5 person committees will be formed. One will be anentertainment committee responsible for the planning of socials, special and annual meetings.

Unit 203 made motion to appoint a committee to study and make recommendations to update the by-laws. Unit 1105 2nd and all agreed to form a By-law & Master deed committee.

Homeowners were encouraged to use the new RGR website. Www.thergr.com and Facebook page Royal Garden Resort-SC

Homeowners asked about keyless electronic locks on doors. Mr. Steve Pitzer will investigate further and report findings to the Board and owners.

Mr. Steve Pitzer gave a report on the hurricane damage. There was some water damage on the street side from wind drive rain and some water damage on ocean side. Repairs are to begin soon starting with the exterior on the 16th floor and following up with the interior repairs on effected units.

Owners requested to change the hours the Indoor pool is open.

Balcony glass door replacement is in progress now by Billy’s Glass.

Motion was made for a Special meeting in 6 months to follow up on the legal issues and by-laws, master deed changes. Was 2nd and a hand vote was taken 58 yes and 51 no. 

Agenda for next Annual meeting

Financial report

Managers’ report

Committee reports

Attorney update

Electronic keys update

Agenda for 6-month special meeting

Forensic audit update

Legal update

Vote on changes to update the By-Laws and Master deed of RGR

Meeting was adjourned at 12 noon by Penny Canady. The next general meeting will be at 9am on October 3,2020, inMurrells Inlet Community Center.

Minutes submitted by:

Shelia Trull