ANNUAL Meeting Minutes 10-3-2020

Annual HOA meeting 10-3-2020
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Royal Garden Resort Regime

Homeowners Association, Inc.

Annual Homeowners Meeting

Saturday October 3, 2020

I. Call to order

Wayne Longbrake called to order the Annual Homeowners Meeting of Royal Garden Resort Regime Homeowners Association, Inc. at 9am on October 3, 2020 at RGR office by ZOOM.

II. Roll call

The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed. Debby Scott moved to accept the previous meeting minutes, Shelia Trull 2nd, all approved. conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Wayne Longbrake, Neil Grey, Shelia Trull, Judy Parrish, Steve Hunt, Jodi Naper, Debby Scott by Zoom. All Board members present.

A quorum of 66% was met by the mail in vote ballets.

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed. Debby Scott moved to accept the previous meeting minutes, Shelia Trull 2nd, all approved.

IV. Officers Reports

President’s report

Wayne Longbrake gave a brief summary of all that the board had done in the past year. A copy of the report was mailed to every homeowner to review. He also went over why the Covid virus prevented us from having an in-person meeting, resulting in the virtual Zoom meeting for the homeowners. Wayne asked for more homeowner participation on the committees offered by the Board.

Treasure Report

Judy Parrish went over the proposed budget for year 2021, a copy of budget was mailed to every homeowner.

2021 Proposed budget

Revenues Operating funds 1,141,007.00

Revenues Reserve funds 407,103.00

Total Revenues 1,548,110.00


Total General maintenance 101,500.00

Total Outside Contractor expense 89,839.00 Total Administrative expense 595,260.00

Total Utilities expense 489,900.00

Total Expenses 1,276,499.00

Net Income (loss) 271,611.00

Judy Parrish also gave a summary of Major expenses since October 2019. A detailed copy of this report was mailed to all homeowners.

Major expenses since October 2019 1,270,062.23

Maintenance Report

Neil Grey gave a brief summary of all the repairs that have been done to the RGR building since October 2019.

Balcony concrete repairs 108,000.00

Painting and concrete repairs-complete 30,000.00

Scaffolding rental-complete 21,500.00

Fire Alarm system-complete 51,700.00

Pool deck pavers-complete 80,000.00

Clean out lines for air handler discharge-complete 10,000.00

Update office computers-complete 1,500.00

Neil Grey gave an update on the future projects for the coming year. There will be concrete repairs to the garage, and the following items are on the board agenda, filter system for the chillers, exhaust duct connected to dehumidifier radiator, Cleaning out the sewer lines, purchasing a utility vehicle, getting permit to redirect the water from the roof away from the beach, ways to remove water from the garage better.

Personnel Report

Debby Scott gave a brief summary of the things that were accomplished since October 2019. Debby had high praise for the Building General Manager Steve Hunt, Steve has really stepped up and has worked with the Board in reducing payroll cost, doing extensive employee training and helping Debby create an employee handbook. Debby also reported the morale of the employees has greatly improved, and a more skilled labor force has been hired. Employee evaluations are being done every six months now resulting in better employee performance and pay raises. The office staff have had their yearly performance reviews done by Wayne Longbrake and Debby Scott. Debby stated that we have a very good staff, and they are improving all the time.

Social Committee Report

Shelia Trull gave a brief report, due to the Covid pandemic the social committee was not able to do much of anything this year. Shelia asked the homeowners to consider joining the committees offered by the Board. She went over the RGR website www.thergr.com and the private section that is passworded for homeowners only. In the future the minutes and other documents will be available for homeowners to view in the private section of the website. Shelia also gave information about the RGR Facebook page, Royal Garden Resort-SC and the private homeowners only Facebook group The RGR HOA-Homeowners only the is attached to the RGR Facebook page.

Steve Hunt spoke to the homeowners thanking them for all the help they and the Board has offered him and the staff.

Bylaw Committee

Shelia Trull the RGR secretary gave the report. A copy of the report was sent to homeowners along with a red line copy for them to go over the proposed changes. Shelia briefly thanked the homeowners who helped on the committee, Rick Klepper, Tom Mannion, and Tim Minerd. At the previous annual meeting, the homeowners requested the bylaws be updated. The goal was to bring our bylaws up to the South Carolina code of law and make all three of the governing documents consistent. A quorum was met with the returned ballet votes, a 75% of the vote was needed to pass the bylaw changes.


Shelia Trull gave the report on the Special assessment for the elevator project. A copy of the proposed elevator project was mailed to all homeowners with a vote ballet.

A vote verification committee met on Monday September 28 to open and calculate all the ballets received. The committee members were Steve Hunt, Jodi Naper, Shelia Trull, Tom Mannion unit 708, Bert Eizensmits 1210. The total returned was 87 yes, 47 no. A 51% majority vote was needed to pass. A Majority vote was met with the ballets returned and the Special assessment is passed.

Election of officers

Wayne Longbrake unit 1606 was elected and will serve a 3-year term, October 2020 to October 2023.

Richard Singer unit 701 was elected and will serve a 3-year term, October 2020 to October 2023

V. New business

Homeowners questions:

VI. Adjournment

Wayne Longbrake adjourned the meeting at 10:50 am.

Minutes submitted by: Shelia Trull