Meeting Minutes 3-14-2020

minutes 3-14-2020
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Royal Garden Resort Regime

Homeowners Association. Inc.

Regular Board Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2020

I. Call to order

Wayne Longbrake called to order the regular meeting of the Royal Garden Resort Homeowners Association, Inc. at 9 am on March 14, 2020 at HOA office.

II. Present

Wayne Longbrake, Neil Gray, Judy Parrish, Shelia Trull, Steve Hunt and Debby Scott by skype.

Homeowners present: Phil Liseo 704, Rick Klepper 311, Karen Yunker 115

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed. Public comments: Phil Liseo asked about extending pavers down breezeway. Was discussed and decided to hold off for now, for budget concerns. Board will revisit at later date. Rick Klepper had several concerns, the posting of the 2019 final expense report on the RGR website. Shelia is to follow up on this issue. The cleaning of the railings on balconies, Steve will check on work progress. He asked about converting a space for community room, Judy stated the only space the HOA would have available is currently in litigation. He asked when the parking lots would be cleaned, Steve will check work schedule. He complimented the work on the stair wells and the brick pavers. He also commented on the holes and cracks around the outside edges of the deck, from former railings, asked that this issue be added to repairs.

IV. Financial report; Steve Hunt

a) January 2020 operating balance 1/31/2020 $ 19,570.44

b) January 2020 reserve balance 1/31/2020 $ 383,733.29

c) February 2020 operating balance 2/29/2020 $ 27,947.06

d) February 2020 reserve balance 2/29/2020 $ 340,228.13

e) Receivable accounts $ 21,905.25 due from homeowners’ regimes. 2/29/2020

Judy moved to accept financial report, 2nd by Neil all approve

Legal update:

Judy, Wayne and Neil met with Gene Connell the attorney; Gene has not heard anything from Calvin’s attorney as of the first of March 2020. Was decided to have another meeting with Gene to try and push the process forward. All approved

Committee reports:

By-law committee:

Shelia moved to cancel the April 25th special meeting due to the growing Covid-19 concerns. Neil 2nd all approve

Red line copy of the By-laws is complete, and the committee asked the Board to go over for their input. The complete red line amendments will be ready for the Oct annual meeting. Shelia is to follow up with attorney Jay Haar with question concerning the amendments.

Social committee:

Shelia asked for a final decision on the arm bands. Judy moved to not use them; Shelia 2nd all approve.

Shelia presented some alternatives for hanging pool towels and additional areas for homeowners and guest to place their beach bags.

Debby suggested using a company for pool side movies in the summer, she is checking on prices.

Maintenance committee:

Unit 115 has been having gurgling problems in the plumbing for years, in an effort to stop this back-flow valves were installed to stop soap from coming into the toilet. The next step is to install Studer vents along the lines, also will be asking Carl Moses about installing vents on the building main lines.

A consultation with an electrician about individual meters for the commercial units was discussed.

South cooling tower parts are in.

Star life alarm are still working on the updates.

McAndrews Concrete are still working on the sides of the balconies, and paver installation has started and should be complete by end of April 2020.

Pool should be ready to open by mid-April.

Parking lot drains are being worked on now.

Indoor pool and hot tub are fixed and open.

Debby moved to accept report, Judy 2nd all approve.

V. Old business

a) Stack drain clean out quotes. Expert Air (Hillman) $675 per stack which includes drain cleaning during installation. Carl Moses $800 per stack. Judy moved to accept Hillman; Neil 2nd all approve.

b) Palm tree removal- Mr. D’s tree removal quote $450 remove 3 palms and leave stumps. Shelia moved to accept; Judy 2nd all approve.

c) MST quote to replace the fan hub assembly on south cooling tower. They have the part for the motor that was under warranty, but they can’t replace until the fan assembly has been replaced, $ 2,671.92. Judy moved to accept; Neil 2nd all approve.

d) Weekend employees are carrying the new cell phone for contact after hours, testing a Bluetooth now.

e) New parking tickets are being placed under windshield wiper & a picture is taken with new cell phone and placed in records.

f) All incorporation papers have been filed in February.


On February 13, 2020 email for transfer of $25,000 from the reserve to operating account for McAndrews Concrete invoice. All approved

On February 14, 2020 email for transfer of $23,000 from the reserve to operating account for Star life safety invoice. All approved

On March 13, 2020 email for transfer of $30,000 from reserve to operating account for regular power, cable, water bills, deck pavers and Star life safety. All approve.

Judy moved to add emails to minutes; Neil 2nd all approve.

VI. New Business

Bench at ground floor lobby has broken, maintenance is trying to repair.

The paint colors for the elevator tower and stair towers was presented and the board liked Sherwin Williams Thermal Spring. Judy moved to approve color choice; Debby 2nd all approve.

Parking lot rule violation notices, risk management can call owners no earlier than 9am and no later than 9pm. All approve

Request to add 3-4 maintenance staff for the summer months (May- Sept). These people would be paid $10.50/hour and would work with current maintenance staff. Neil moved to hire one (1) maintenance employee for the summer season; Shelia 2nd all approve.

Request to hire one (1) risk management employee for the summer months (May-Sept). Debby moved to hire an employee for risk management for summer season; Shelia 2nd all approve

Steve Hunt request April 10th & 13th off for vacation. And the HOA office be closed for Easter April 10th. All Approve

Judy moved to close the old Conway National Bank account; Neil 2nd all approve.

All the Incorporation update papers have been filed with the Secretary of State.

Wayne suggested we look further into addressing the insurance assessments and the reserve account. Was suggested that a non-profit accountant to meet and advise the board on further action.

Discussed ways for homeowners to stay in contact and for wellness checks.

Executive Session

VII. Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at 12:36 by Wayne Longbrake. The next general Board meeting will be at 9am Saturday April 25, 2020 in the HOA office.

Minutes submitted by: Shelia Trull