Email from Harold Outz

Hello Fellow Homeowners,

Let me introduce myself to the newer owners that I have not met yet. My name is Harold Outz and my wife’s name is Robin. I bought in Royal Gardens two years pre-construction before the building was started. I currently serve on your Board of Directors. I have been on the Board or associated with the Board for over twenty-five years. In that time, I have seen a lot, heard a lot and been told a lot. I can assure all of you, that all the members of this new Board are fully committed to you and the betterment of the building.

In the past two months there have been many changes and improvements implemented. Steve Pitzer, our new General Manager, has built your new HOA Office on the ground floor and is fully staffed with employees (you many recognize them). He has fully staffed the maintenance department with qualified people and has also fully staffed the night watchman team. Other spaces have been completed since we had to move out of certain other areas by December 31, 2018. Repairs and painting are ongoing daily.

I am thrilled and excited to work with this new Board of Directors and staff with their great attitudes and eagerness to make the building’s appearance great again as well as maintained. Also, cutting costs for all of us in the future. Some property problems have arisen during the transition period but your team has dealt with and solved these issues quickly. As new issues arise, as we know they will, they will be handled in the same manner.

We all are very enthusiastic as we move forward this year and beyond. The Board and I urge you to make plans to attend the Annual HOA Meeting on Saturday, October 5, 2019. If you only make one trip to the beach this year, please make it that weekend. A “meet and greet social” will be held on Friday night October 4, 2019. Please plan to attend both functions. We look Forward to seeing and meeting all of you.


Harold Outz