Meeting Minutes 1-25-2020

minutes 1-25-2020
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Royal Garden Resort Regime Homeowners Association. Inc.

Regular Board Meeting Minutes

January 25, 2020


The regular meeting of theRoyal Garden Resort Regime Homeowners Association. Inc.was called to order at 9 am on January 25, 2020 in HOA office by Wayne Longbrake.


Wayne Longbrake, Debby Scott, Neil Gray, Judy Parrish, Shelia Trull, Steve Hunt

Homeowners present: Rick Klepper 311, Peggy Carlson 1105

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Financial report:

Steve Hunt presented the financials:

December operating balance 12/31/2019 $30,162.76

December reserve balance 12/31/2019 $373,904,92

Year end 2019

Operating balance 12/31/2019 $30,162.76

Reserve balance 12/31/2019 $ 373,904,92

Judy moved to accept financial report, 2nd by Neil all approve

Legal update:

Judy had set up an appointment with the attorney Gene Connell on February 4th at 8:30 am. Wayne and Neil stated they would try to attend also.

Committee reports:

Finance committee and maintenance committee to look into doing long range finance plans for future repairs.

Maintenance committee:

Need to meet with MTS to discuss temperature and pressure measurement alternatives to avoid having security and maintenance go up to the roof overnight. Check to see if adding camera in the room to possibly look at water temp and pressure as well as check for water on the floor of the room.

New rules for visits to the roof at night complete, not required on night shift for the winter.

Check status of fan on the south tower

Entertainment committee requested a look at a food preparation area near the grill, after discussion it was decided to move the 2 large picnic tables to the grill area.

By-law committee:

Shelia made motion to change the current registered agent for the Regime from Whitfield M. Howard to Steve Hunt. Judy 2nd, all approve

Shelia made motion to change the address of the current registered office from 4 Gibson Ave. Surfside, South Carolina 29575 to 1210 North Waccamaw Dr. Murrells Inlet, South Carolina 29576 the HOA office. Judy 2nd, all approve

Shelia made motion to change the corporation name on the current by-laws. From Royal Garden Resort Condominium Homeowners Association, Inc. to Royal Garden Resort Regime Homeowners Association, Inc. the current legal name on the Incorporation documents. Neil 2nd, all approve.

Shelia requested a letter be sent to all homeowners with an update on the by-laws. All approved.

Personnel committee:

Employee evalations are set for March.

Debby moved to have all current and future employees sign a non-disclosure agreement, Judy 2nd all approve

Judy moved to accept the amended employee handbook, Shelia 2nd all approve

Old business

Management report: By Steve Hunt

Exhaust stack for generator has been extended above the roof of Sea Breeze Laundry area.

The booster pump valve cleaning will be completed this week.

2 extra leaks were found in the dehumidifier. Leaks have been repaired.

Indoor pool has been patched and is continuing to leak.

Hot tub is leaking. Leak detection cost $650 for both hot tub and indoor pool. Shelia moved to do the leak detection, Judy 2nd all approve.

Two units on 16th floor had leaks with the latest heavy rain. Had the roof inspector from United Contractors, the installers of the roof and they determined there were no leaks. Gary has put weather stripping around the door of the chillers room and the awning over the door has been replaced.

McAndrews Concrete is still working on the balcony repairs.

Star Life Alarm are still working on the updates.


On January 6, 2020 email for back flow valves. Proposal is to install back flow valves on stack 1 and 15. Charge will be $800 by Carl Moses Plumbing. All approved via email replies.

Shelia moved to accept emails entered in minutes, Judy 2nd all approved

New Business

Sherwin Williams gave suggestions on prepping the deck. One suggestion would to be to strip the deck completely to the concrete then fix the areas in need, prime and paint, cost $42,000. 2nd option would be to clean the deck extremely well and apply “heavy shield”, a product they sell and then repaint, cost $20,000. Neither of these fixes would guarantee the paint would chip from year to year.

McAndrews Concrete gave estimate of $79,000 to completely strip concrete from pool deck and install brick pavers. Debby moved to accept the estimate and put brick pavers in Judy 2nd all approve

Cavender Elevator reported that the starter for elevators 2&3 needed to be rebuilt, cost would be $5252.61 and would take a few days. Debby moved to have the parts repaired, Judy 2nd all approve.

Discussion was had about purchasing a scrubber for the parking garage, to clean more often, cost $2800. Was decided to have Steve check other options and report back.

Outdoor showers were discussed and was decided to have Steve look into purchasing new ones and have maintenance install.

McAndrews Concrete gave a bid regarding the repairing, power washing, prepping and painting of the north and south exterior walls of the building. Cost $42,000. After discussion if price includes the elevator tower and stair well enclosures, it was decided Steve would contact company for further estimates. A tentative approval for project is in effect until final quote.

Condo manager program cost is $899 per year. All approve

Communication problems with risk management and maintenance telephone. Steve to contact One Source to help solve the problems.

Executive session was called at 11:30 am and was ended at 11:45 am.


Meeting was adjourned at 11:50 by Wayne Longbrake. The next general meeting will be at 9am on Saturday March 14,2020 in the HOA office.

Minutes submitted by:

Shelia Trull

Approved by: