Meeting Minutes 1-22-2019

minutes 1-22-2019 skype
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Royal Garden Resort

Meeting Minutes



The regular meeting of theRoyal Garden Resort was called to order at 4 pm on 1-22-2019 in Royal Garden Resort and skype 6935 Old Lawyers Rd , Charlotte NC 28227 byPenny Canady.


Harold Outz, Wayne Longbrake, Judy Parrish, Penny Canady, Steve Pitzer, Shelia Trull via Skype

Approval of Agenda

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Approval of Minutes

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Open Issues

Office staff will be changing schedules to cover open hours for weekends. When HOA office is closed the security staff will issue parking passes.

Office keys- office employees Steve , Jodi and Steve Hunt will have a key and two board members Judy and Wayne will have HOA office keys. All agreed yes

Board contact for Attorney office; Gene Connell stated he would like one contact person for our HOA issues for updates. Judy volunteered to be the contact for the board and report back and contact the rest of the board with news and answers. Judy & Steve will call to set up meeting to discuss with attorney. All agreed yes

Steve stated he would like to have a faster way to contact the board on emergency issues that need to be discussed between board meetings. Per discussion Judy volunteered to be Steve’s board contact and Judy would then email or contact the rest of the board for discussion of the issues and report back to Steve how the rest of the board felt.

Attorney report; Jay Haar reported back from questions on subjects the board had. The owner Calvin Donaldson of commercial units 2 & 3 is responsible for the utilities of those units, Liens on units 1106 and 1514 have not changed still in process. The board had questions for Jay about getting dogs owners to provide pet’s rabies records to keep on file in the HOA office.

Alarms repairs will start work end of January will last 4 to 6 weeks

New Business

Purchase an AED and wheelchair. Harold proposed, Shelia 2nd, vote all yes

Purchase a lap top computer for office. Penny proposed, Judy 2nd , vote all yes

Off site storage locker for HOA


Meeting was adjourned at 5:30 by Penny Canady. The next general meeting will be at 1 pm on February 28, 2019, in HOA office.

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Shelia Trull

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