Meeting Minutes 10-5-2019

oct 5 2019 reg meeting
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Royal Garden Resort Homeowners Association, Inc.

Board meeting minutes

October 5 2019


The regular meeting of the Royal Garden Resort Homeowners Association, Inc. was called to order at 1pm on October 5 2019 in HOA office by Judy Parrish.


Wayne Longbrake, Judy Parrish, Shelia Trull, Debby Scott, Neil Gray

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from last meeting were not present, will be presented at next meeting.

New Business

New officer positions-

Judy nominated Wayne Longbrake as the RGR board President. Debby 2nd all voted yes

Debby nominated Judy Parrish as the RGR board Treasure Neil 2nd all voted yes

Judy nominated Shelia Trull as RGR board Secretary Debby 2nd all voted yes

Wayne nominated Debby Scott RGR board Vice President Judy 2nd all voted yes


HOA meetings- Board voted to set the 2nd Saturday of each month at 9am as the standing date & time of board meetings

Judy made motion for the RGR Board to have final decisions on all employee reviews for hiring, pay raises, firing and discipline actions. Neil 2nd and all vote yes

Wayne made motion for standing committees of finance, personal and maintenance. Judy 2nd all vote yes

Wayne made motion to update the RGR bank account at CCNB signers with current board members Judy 2nd all vote yes

Wayne made motion to set a $200 or less for immediate maintenance supplies and everything else requires a purchase order for board approval. Judy 2nd all vote yes

Shelia made motion to make the RGR website and Facebook pages active for homeowners. Judy 2nd all vote yes

Action items:

Shelia contact bank for update

Debby to contact office for employee handbook information

Neil to contact employees and owners for maintenance committee

Judy to contact Steve Hunt for financial committee

Shelia to follow up with email to new board members with past minutes, rules, and HOA handbook


Meeting was adjourned at 2:30 by Judy Parrish. The next general meeting will be at 9am on Nov 9,2019, in HOA office.

Minutes submitted by:

Shelia Trull