Meeting Minutes 11-9-2019

Minutes 11-9-2019
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Royal Garden Resort HOA

General meeting minutes

July 29,2019


The regular meeting of theRoyal Garden Resort HOA was called to order at 1pm on July 29,2019 in HOA office by Harold Outz and 2nd by Shelia Trull.


Penny Canady, Harold Outz, Judy Parrish, Wayne Longbrake, Shelia Trull, Steve Pitzer

Guests Jon Cook, Dennis Murphy

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Open Issues

Financial: Steve Hunt gave each Board member a copy of balance sheet.

Month of June Operating account

Balance 6/1/19 $70,909.75

Income for the month Regimes, misc. revenue, late fees: $91,996.24

Balance: $162,905.99

Expenses: $123,889.13

Balance on hand 6/30/19 $39,016.86

Reserve Account 6/1/19: 272,505.67

Income $37,434.99

Balance before expenses: $309,940.66

Balance 6/30/19 $309,940.99

Blue wrist bands are in and will be distributed in September. Rental companies and owners will receive the one band per fire code occupancy.

Steve Overson was asked by Steve P if he has a larger plat map of RGR. He informed us that we have the largest plat map already.

Parking rules need to be emailed to all rental companies and homeowner, so everyone knows the current rules. All board agreed

Mrs. Penny and Shelia need to sign the new amended rules, there were several mistakes in the original that was signed.

Carl Moses plumbing summited an estimate for installing dryer vents for condo units. His quote includes piping the dryers to the outside of the unit to the walkways. $1000 per unit. Board asked for 2 more additional estimates. The expense and maintenance will be the homeowners. All outside vents will be standard to code.

Building insurance: board ask Steve P. to get a cost on increasing the building structure insurance which is 29 million now. With our current carrier we would need an appraisal which cost $3250 to do a replacement cost coverage. Asked Steve P. to get another insurance quote on the current rate and a higher coverage rate. All board agreed

Move bike to in front or indoor pool area out of the way. Move bench to 1st floor lobby.

Mortgage company questions: Board decided to send a letter to the homeowners to answer these questions.

Security reported that guest was charged for parking bands for their scutters by Sea Breeze.

Parking: increased parking to 7 handicap spaces, 14 golf cart spaces, 8 over-sized vehicle spaces, 7 dedicated motorcycle spaces. This increased available parking spaces to 200 to 210.

Spectrum contract runs out June 2021, contract requires a 6-month prior notice to cancel. Board advised Steve P to send the letter to cancel certified mail January 2021. HTC offers 2g and 5g internet. We would have better internet coverage.

Court date August 12, 2019 for the law suit.

New Business

Unit 406 requested permission on placing an outlet on her balcony. Board decided to approve based on the following being done. Work preformed by a licensed electrician, must be white, below railing, mounted on exterior of wall.

Homeowners meeting: Board voted to not spend the extra $300 for the alcohol insurance permit at the meet and greet. Decided to serve veggie, meat, cheese, cookie and fruit trays. Drinks to be offered water and sodas. Meeting will be held at Murrells Inlet Community Center.

Unit 715: The homeowner reported on Sunday July 28, 2019 that a man and woman were found in her unit by the cleaning lady, it appeared as if they had stayed the night. She also reported calling the HOA office and got an extension not valid message. She also requested information about how many units are owned strictly for investments for the mortgage company. The board instructed Steve P. to follow up on her request and find out about the people in her unit.

Our phone system has been hacked One source password and have since been fixed.

Discussed email from Logan Donaldson dated July 28, 2019. He stated guest have experienced inappropriate and uncalled for behavior from risk management staff.

Discussed employee in risk management Al. Board and HOA office have had quite a few complaints about his behavior. Board decided to terminate his employment with RGR. Asked Steve to take care of the this and document. Board all agreed to terminate Al

Unit 406: Steve to send a follow up letter stating the Board and homeowners cannot give her a private parking space.

Steve P. to create a list of duties for employees each day. Add back to doing tickets for duties.

Rob the maintenance manager put in his notice.

Asked Steve P. to look at payroll and try to get costs under control. Board discussed paying more for skilled employees.

Proposal on employee jobs. Table for now

Star life Safety proposal on the next phase of getting the alarm system working to code. The initial installation of the control panel and sensors in the units have been complete. Next phase on outside the north building riser, south building riser and center riser to install riser wiring and new weatherproof speaker strobes. Re-install & connect existing pull stations. And the shop area/ fire pump room. At the cost of $64,190.00 Penny made motion and Harold 2nd all voted yes.

Discussed adding 2 new board members at the next homeowners meeting. Make total board 7 members. A vote of 4 to 1 was taken.

Discussed putting terms limits on board members, serve 2 terms and off one term. Shelia motion Judy 2nd all agreed to discuss with homeowners at the meeting.

Board terms

The following terms will expire this year 2019:

Penny Canady


Meeting was adjourned at 4:30 by Harold Outz and 2nd by Shelia Trull. The next Board meeting will be on Saturday August 31, 2019, in HOA office.

Minutes submitted by:

Shelia Trull