Meeting Minutes 2-28-2019

minutes 2-28-2019
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Royal Garden Resort

Meeting Minutes

February 28, 2019

The regular meeting of the Royal Garden Resort was called to order at 1:00 pm February 28, 2019 in Board meeting room.

Called to Order- Penny Canady


Penny Canady, Harold Outz, Judy Parrish, Wayne Longbrake, Shelia Trull, Steve Pitzer, Steve Hunt

Approval of Agenda

All approved the agenda

Approval of Minutes

All approved last meeting minutes

Delinquencies and financials – Steve Hunt

Steve went over the January receivables that were given out. He stated he was trying to clean up our receivables by calling each homeowner separately to balance our books properly. Units 1106 and 1514 are in litigation. He asks the board to clear up the late fees for the regimes and insurance. Board voted to put into effect immediately the dates described in the master deed for the late fees. Insurance due on the 10th and regimes due on the 15th of each month. And Discuss with homeowner in October about the fees going up on January 1 in accordance to the master deed, until then follow the fee that is on the tickets. He also reported our taxes have been paid $50 SC state and $150 Federal. Judy made the motion for the dates and Harold 2nd.

Steve Pitzer stated that Judy and Wayne worked tirelessly to put together the 7 years of collections on Calvin’s current HOA fees, insurance payments, assessments, and rent on C-1. They took the total amount the he owed for all those collectively and then they went through the operating account and reserve account and pulled every check that he had written to Royal Garden and subtracted the two from each other and it’s a $60,000 balance for 7 years that is owed. An HOA Attorney Sherry McAlister is going to file the collections for Calvin.

Old Business

Steve Pitzer’s report

Parking deck- Steve P. is going to focus his staff on finishing the balconies and repainting both the ceilings and walls and floors. Then in April focus on presser washing and painting the parking deck.

Concrete repairs- hired a new contractor for the Spalding repairs our crews could not reach, they should be starting in March weather permitting.

Master keys- work is in progress right now and locksmith should be finished by Sunday

Security System has been totally relocated and installed 3 additional cameras everything is up and running at this point. Down the road as budget permits, we will add the other 3 cameras.

Vending machines are in, we signed a contract with the vending company. The HOA gets 10% of each sale. Machines are located on the ground floor, 2nd and 8th floors. And a machine will be put in the maintaince area for employee at cost for drinks and snacks. We should expect to make between 20 and 30 grand this year off the machines.

Removal of Signs- most of Sea Breeze signs have been removed all the ones off the front of the building, entrance ways, elevator lobbies have been taken down.

Pool temperature was discussed and decided to post a sign stating the American Medical Association recommends temperature be between 84 degrees and 86 degrees. And a dry erase board be placed to check temp and document it daily for the guest to see.

Website- Shelia reported new web address is www.RGR.com. Kristi Swanson is still working on set up, it should be ready in a few weeks. When finished the office staff will be able to approve homeowner Loggins. It will contain a guest section for rules and regulations, area info, rental info. A passworded area for homeowner will contain the master deed, by-laws, rules and regulations, any update announcements. And eventually a way to make regimes payments.

New Business

Payment for balcony sealing was reported by Steve P. Balconies need sealing after the hurricane, we sealed the door tracks. We billed $825 worth of bills, got back $600 of our money. On the actual sealing repairs, we sent out $3540.00 worth of invoices we’ve got an $1190.00 back so we’ve received a total $1790.00 back. But we’re had complaints that said they’re not going to pay. Calvin stated we entered his property with out permission at the end of November which was while he was still property manager and he sent the crews in there, but he owes $3000 and is refusing to pay.

Sewage problem unit 115- Steve P. reports that the new homeowner reports she is getting bad soapsuds in her toilet, we scoped the sewer and other work. She reports that she no longer has soapsuds, now has gurgling problems. We’ve had plumbers go back and tear into it again and she paid for 2 new toilets, we paid to have them set as well as some other stuff down there and its still gurgling. She is adamant we fix this problem; we’ve had 3 or 4 different plumbing companies to investigate and they are all saying it’s a venting issue. We have spent a lot of money trying to fix this problem to no avail. Our last fix will be a Studer vent and if this does not work, we have to inform the homeowner that we have tried everything and that there is nothing more we can do for the problem.

Parking Area- We have 178 parking spaces for the entire building. By law we need 1 space that is handicap van accessible and 1 more handicap space. On level E in the 15 min unloading area turn one space into handicap van parking and remove the yellow cross hatching to add another handicap space on level E. Move the motorcycle parking to the end spaces beside the ramps and revert the larger spaces back to car parking. This will free up 8 to 10 parking spaces. Move bicycle rack and paint. By moving bike rack, it will free up more golf cart parking on the 1st level. Judy made motion to add 2 more handicap spaces and Penny 2nd.

Electric car plugins- board voted no to adding plug in space

Doggie daycare – board voted no to adding a dog day care

July 4th parking – Steve P. reported he will ask all employees to park off site that week to free up parking for homeowners and guest.

Dog complaint for owner unit 514- there has been a complaint against the owner for not being able to handle her 3 dogs. Was decided by the board to send her a warning letter requiring her to purchase no pull harness for the dogs and to walk only 1 or 2 at a time for safety reasons.

Steve P. ask the board to discuss ways to give him authority to handle certain situations without over stepping his boundaries. The board gave Steve the authority to enforce the following penalties and fines. 1st offence – written warning, 2nd offence- $100 fine for each complaint (dog related) . 3rd offence- loss of privilege of having dog. Other fines are $150 dumping restricted items in dumpster, $125 parking offence, $100 not cleaning up after your dog. Judy made motion to accept and Harold 2nd

Wayne ask about fire inspections. Steve P. answered with, this building there are a couple different inspections, fire extinguishers, fire pump and fire sprinklers. Our fire pump was recently inspected and up to date, but the only thing we are not up to date on is our actual sprinklers and that’s being worked on right now.

Items completed or in progress

Guard shack remodeled

Level E parking deck washed and repainted

New booster pump installed on indoor pool

Painting complete on front walkways

Wiring ran for generator to elevator connection

New ground floor stairwell doors installed

3 new surveillance cameras installed

Indoor pool enclosure repainted

Janitor closet constructed for cleaning supplies

G-5 elevator lobbies repainted

3rd cluster box installed

Chiller shut-down complete, approx..12 rooms redone

Lock change started 14-16 complete, doing approx. 4 floors a day. Scheduled completion on Sunday march 3

Security cordless phone located and reinstalled with antenna relocated

Estimate for door replacements sent out, approx. 20 homeowners signed up

Expert sent out PM offer on AC system, had approx. 24 sign up

Concrete contractor starts next week march 2019

Repaired ceiling of indoor pool entrance

Collections filed on Donaldson for $60k

Harold’s financial findings- He gave a detailed listing of the payroll records from 2013 to 2018. His findings were that large amounts of money from the HOA checking accounts were paid out to employees, companies and individuals that were not in the HOA employment at that time. To the sum of almost $500,000 over a 7-year period.

Suing of old board discussion- Judy stated that a vote was taken via email and a vote of 3 board members was in favor of proceeding. Penny stated was a vote over email acceptable. Judy explained that we have a responsibility to the homeowners as board members. The insurance blanket policy is there to protect the homeowners and board members. Shelia stated she wanted the old board members responsible for signing certain documents held accountable. Harold stated as long as he is not in it, he votes to sue the old board. Was decided to talk with the attorney later on how to proceed.


Meeting was adjourned at 3:30pm by Harold Outz.

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Shelia Trull

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