Meeting Minutes 5-10-2019

meeting may 10 2019
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Royal Garden Resort

Meeting Minutes

May 10, 2019


The regular meeting of the Royal Garden Resort was called to order at 12 noon on May 10, 2019 in HOA meeting room by Penny Canady.


Penny Canady, Harold Outz, Judy Parrish, Wayne Longbrake, Shelia Trull, Steve Pitzer and Steve Hunt

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Open Issues

Delinquencies and financials – Steve Hunt gave each board member a copy and went over the financials.

Steve Pitzer went over our operating account for month of April. Explained about the transfer of moneys from our reserve account to the operating account, It was done to cover our upcoming maintenance and operating expenses. Wayne made a motion for the next time any transfer of monies from the accounts need to be a dollar amount and needs board approval. Penny 2nd the motion, all agreed yes.

All board members received Balance sheets for the operating and reserve accounts, accounts receivable of regime fees for the month of April 2019.

Steve Pitzer went over projected expenses and revenue for the remainder of the year. Each board member got a copy of the report.

New Business

Designated parking- Homeowner of unit 406 wants a designated parking space, she already asked the homeowners at last Octobers annual meeting and was told no at that time. She has since asked Judy to investigate the legal issues. Judy reported her findings, The American Disabilities Act section 208.2.01 is the guidelines for this issue, the board discussed following up with our HOA attorney Sherry McAlister for a 2nd opinion.

Parking- Steve Pitzer. to check into cost of additional parking in front of building, Judy to check into vacant lot on Sea breeze dr. and report findings at next meeting. The addition of 2 new handicap spaces and moving of motorcycle parking is completed and we gained 10 additional parking spaces.

All discussion of updates to pool deck area such as outside setting areas, covered grills, redoing the concrete with pavers will be tabled until January of next year, at that time we will evaluate the budget and upgrades.

Outdoor movie night- Steve Pitzer to check sound levels so as not to disturb guest, 2nd shift maintenance employee to set up and take down equipment. Will revisit next meeting.

Beach chair and sand toys- Checking with Sherry McAlister HOA attorney to make sure we can offer free to borrow use and return items for guests.

Concrete repairs have five stacks complete one more to finish then they are working on water leaks on the side of the building before breaking for the summer. Water leaks are affecting units 1401,1201,801, and 401. Will resume repairs in the fall. The company will give the HOA a quote for painting the building also.

Breezeway floor painting postponed until fall.

Penny asked for a better way of board keeping up with checks written. A monthly detailed review will be available for the board in the future.

Wayne brought up cell phone usage by employees. Steve Pitzer sent a note to all employees in their paychecks about cell phone policies. Steve stated if we start cracking down, we will lose employees. Steve will address the issues on a one on one basis.

We discussed later going over the budget and revaluate the pay and benefits for the HOA employees.

Steve Pitzer reported with the new survey that was done last January, it was found out our line extends to include the grassy area on the Sea Master side.

We discussed sending flowers to employees who have had a death in the family. The board decided to set guidelines and budget later. Until then Steve P. will take the issue with a case by case and consult the board for approval.

Steve P. will go over security guidelines with all risk management employees and have each sign. The main goal of risk management is monitor parking, keep outside people from our property, keep glass and dogs off the pool decks.

Eight trash cans have been rented at $200 per month in prep for future risk. Steve P. has had the electrical moved and has contacted the trash company about moving the power to the compactor to be within the confines of HOA property.

New Pumps and pits have been purchased to be installed in the garage are to handle the rainwater runoff to stop any future flooding of the ground floor garage area. Total cost is less them $600.

Fire alarm installation is almost finished they still have the 2nd and 1st floor to be completed.

Documents to provide to homeowners and their agents. The approved HOA budget, two monthly statements the bank and reserve accounts. Judy made the motion and Harold 2nd and all approved to keep current standard.

HOA members can only receive a list of members with the following information; names, mailing address and voting percentage.

The purchase of a glass door for the ground floor elevator lobby estimated cost $2000 has been put on hold, until a test of the stronger spirators that were installed will help with the wind issue.

The board voted to give the office employees a pay raise. Jody will go from $14 per hour to $15 per hour. Steve Hunt will go from $15 per hour to $18 per hour. Judy made the motion and Harold 2nd all agreed yes.

Wayne gave the board members a copy of Legal opinion regarding conflict of interest dated March 12, 2019. From the HOA attorney Sheri McAllister. Each member was allowed the read the document. The question Sheri was asked by Judy and Wayne was If the Board votes to sue the former Board of Directors of Royal Garden HOA, must Harold and Penny (members of the former Board and the current Board) recuse themselves due to a conflict of interest? Wayne stated that since there were questions about this issue, he felt this was the best way to resolve them. Penny ask after reading where were the papers all this time and Wayne stated he just got them May 9th, because the attorney Sheri McAllister has been out of town. Judy stated they were told to present the papers at the next board meeting to do it officially. Wayne ask to read this statement: Legal council has advised that Penny and Harold shows a conflict of interest due to serving on the board with Calvin Donaldson and previous HOA Boards. He asked Penny and Harold to answer yes or no to the following question. Do you voluntarily recuse yourselves from all these matters presented to the board for action? Penny stated she felt she needed to consult legal council before she felt comfortable answering the question. Judy stated they had to answer yes or no immediately. Harold stated that they did not have to answer yes or no right then. Wayne stated if you don’t answer it is recorded as a no vote. After a heated discussion with board members. Judy made the motion to the rest of the board to vote do they Penny and Harold have a conflict of interest. Wayne 2nd and Judy ask Shelia for her vote. Shelia voted no, she stated until she could speak with the HOA attorney for more information. Judy stated from the document if two of the three board members who have no direct conflict vote to sue, then the majority of the board members without a direct conflict would allow the suit to go forward.


Meeting was adjourned at 1:15 by Judy Parrish. The next general meeting will be at 1pm on June 18,2019, in HOA office.

Minutes submitted by:

Shelia Trull, Secretary