Meeting Minutes 6-13-2020

minutes 6-13-2020
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Royal Garden Resort Regime

Homeowners Association, INC

Meeting Minutes

Saturday June 13, 2020

Call to order

Wayne Longbrake called to order the regular meeting of the Royal Garden Resort Regime Homeowners Association, INC at 9 am on June 13, 2020 at HOA office.

Roll call

Wayne Longbrake, Judy Parrish, Neil Grey, Shelia Trull, Debby Scott via zoom.

Others present Steve Hunt, Gene Connell, Rich Singer 701

Approval of minutes from last meeting

Minutes were approved as written.

Public comments:

Rich Singer 701 stated he would be interested in joining the HOA board and had concerns about the elevator being out of order.

Financial Report

March 2020

Operating account 3/31/2020 $14,258.55

Reserve account 3/31/2020 $354,284.63

April 2020

Operating account 4/30/2020 $29,281.83

Reserve account 4/30/2020 $384,314.42

May 2020

Operating account 5/31/2020 $41,370.91

Reserve account 5/31/2020 $214,267.94

Legal update

Gene Connell the HOA attorney met with the board to give the update. A mediation date of June 29, 2020 was set, and the board went over items to be discussed at the meeting.

Committee Reports

By-Law committee

By-Law amendments are complete and will email the board final draft to approve to send to Jay Haar the attorney.

Personal committee

Employee evaluations are complete.

Debby made motion to add or extend work hours for risk management to cover 24 hrs. All approve.

Maintenance committee

Fire alarm is now fully operational, except for the fire dept receiving the call when the alarm goes off. For an additional charge Star life alarm can complete the connection.

Golf cart is not working and needs to be replaced.

Neil and Cathy Grey have completed the flower beds out front and additional planters on the deck.

Office computers need updating.

Cavinder Elevator was contacted regarding upgrading the mechanical parts. They are going to send a quote and another quote on bringing elevator #2 to the ground floor.

Neil made motion to sell old computers to employees for $100 each and purchase a new computer system of the HOA office. All approve

Management report

a) All employees available are still working on painting the balconies, weather permitting

b) McAndrews has started the painting on the north tower. The office has had a few owners voice their opinions on the color, some feel the color should have been by vote of all homeowners.

c) Billy’s Glass gave estimate on a 43’X 84’ glass door for ground floor lobby to prevent high winds from keeping the elevator from working. $2,560.00 for clear anodized aluminum YKK hurricane impact resistance storefront door.

d) Indoor pool dehumidifier compressor is not working, waiting on parts from manufacturer. Hot tub blower has been replaced, was under warranty.

e) T-Mobile is installing new equipment on the elevator tower. We receive $17,940 income from them each year.

f) Have had 2 homeowners submit written complaints about the smell of pot coming from the balconies.

g) The Studer vent installed in unit 115 has stopped the gurgling, and now unit 110 has the same problem.

h) Additional cameras are need in for security. Blink wireless cameras from amazon can get 10 for $759.98


March 19,2020 Summer manpower analysis was done by Neil and Steve Hunt. Neil proposed we hire 3 temporary employees to fill the summertime gap. Was recommended to delay hiring additional staff until April meeting due to the COVID health emergency.

April 7,2020 Wayne canceled the April 25th board meeting due to the COVID health emergency.

April 13,2020 quote from MST for the indoor pool dehumidifier to check and fix leak. $2052.85. All approve

April 11,2020 Judy closed out the CNB HOA bank account and placed the money in our CCNB HOA accounts as voted on in the last meeting.

April 15,2020 Transfer of $20,000 from the reserve to the operating account. For payment to Expert Construction for clean outs $10,125 and McAndrews Concrete $5920, and $4,000 for pool deck pavers. All Approve

April 30,2020 Transfer of $25,000 from reserve account to operating account. For McAndrews Concrete $15,600 final payment for deck and paint has been ordered. General Liability Insurance $9,237. All approve

New items

Long term projects discussed: 3 to 5yr plan for elevators, parking garage needs concrete repairs, stairwell steps need repaired.

Annual meeting discussion: place to hold meeting, all board members have a written report for homeowners, and back up plan for COVID health emergency.


Wayne Longbrake adjourned the meeting at 10:30.

Minutes submitted by: Shelia Trull

Next meeting July 11,2020 9am