Meeting Minutes 6-18-2019

RGR 6-18-2019
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Royal Garden Resort

Meeting Minutes

June 18,2019


The regular meeting of the Royal Garden Resort was called to order at 4pm on June 18,2019 in Gene Connell’s office by Penny Canady.


Penny Canady, Harold Outz, Judy Parrish, Shelia Trull and Steve Pitzer

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Open Issues

Unit 514 Patti Dillon: The Board met with Ms. Dillon on June 16, 2019 to discuss the situation with her dogs. She has already received two letters one in 2018 and one in 2019 about complaints of her dogs. She stated her dogs are friendly and don’t have a barking issue. At this time her dogs are with her son in Virginia. The Board took in her statements and held a closed discussion, it was decided that at this time Ms. Dillon will have to seek documented behavior training for both dogs before the Board would even consider letting them back on the property. Steve Pitzer is to follow up with a written letter stating the terms of this meeting.

Unit 406: Designated parking space follow up. The HOA office has video footage of Ms. Paula walking to and from the parking areas and elevators caring items and have no visible breathing difficulties. If Ms. Paula continues with the issue the Board asked that she be shown the video, and ask her to reconsider the parking request.

Spectrum account: Steve Pitzer finally got a response back; they are requiring us to pay the full amount of our contract $176,328.00 to cancel the account which expires in 2021. The Board decided to ride the term out and seek other alternatives at that time.

Harold Outz requested extra guards be employed for the busy week of July 4th.


Operating Account 5/1/2019 $141,480.89

Income for month of May 2019 $82,036.39

Balance before expenses $223,516.58

Expenses $152,606.83

Balance on hand 5/31/2019 $70,909.75

Reserve Account balance 5/1/2019 $262,464.61

Income for May 2019 $10,041.06

Balance before expenses $272,505.67

Expenses $0

Balance 5/31/2019 $272,505.67

Each Board member was given a copy of the Semi-Annual budget.

New Business

Steve Pitzer presented proposed items for Quarters 3 & 4 of 2019

Concrete repairs to balconies: $56,000.00 Judy made motion to accept and Shelia 2nd, all voted yes

Parking Garage arm: $4,000.00 Harold made motion to accept and Penny 2nd, all voted yes

Attorney fees: $15,000.00 has already been approved in previous meeting.

Walkway repairs: $5,000.00 Put on hold for now, will revisit in the fall.

Cost of storm damage from 2018 hurricane.

Invoices paid by the HOA: $4,087.50

Collected back from homeowners: $3,312.50

Net expense: $775.00 total cost to the HOA

These charges were offset by sharing the cost of repairs in situations the warranted. RGR maintenance sealing doors that were leaking at $25.00 per unit. The $775.00 will not be collected as one owner refused to pay, and others sold while being repaired and a portion was the buildings responsibility to pay.

Proposal for painting the building: McAndrew Concrete summited a proposal for paining the approx. 50,000 sq. Ft. of paint coverage. They will offer: power wash building, place two coats of Sherwin Williams commercial paint as specified by RGR. Supply all insurance, labor, and material as needed. They would like RGR to supply swing stage & rigging. Draws to be worked out with office as work progresses. Total estimate $170,000.00 Board will revisit in the fall meeting

Judy Parrish made a complaint to the board about workers entering her home on two separate occasions while she was not home. Workers were given the Master doorknob key and Master deadbolt key. No one attempted to contact her on either occasion. She made a complaint to Steve Pitzer on both occasions. The Board informed Steve that deadbolt keys were to be used only if fire or flood emergency. Steve needs to communicate with all homeowners and guest to get approval if workers need to do HOA maintenance inside their unit. Steve will purchase another key lock box for the deadbolt keys only.

Parking enforcement:

1. If no parking ticket on vehicle take a picture of windshield/dash place parking violation ticket on windshield. Boot vehicle after 4 hours.

2. If car is improperly parked, ie: parked across yellow line, parked more than 2 feet from wall hindering parking deck traffic. Guards are to check parking ticket and call room immediately for owner to come down to properly park car. If no answer place ticket and if not resolved to boot after 4 hours.

Commercial unit (Sand Bar and Arcade) patrons are to be asked not to park in the parking deck and not allowed to the use of our common areas (pools and hot tubs).

Commercial units use of HOA supplied phone systems. Master deed states the HOA does not have to supply the commercial units with telephone systems. Master Deed Article III section 4 (b). Board decided to put on hold to discuss in 6 weeks.

Wrist bands: The board discussed issuing RGR wrist band to homeowners and guest to help control the usage of our pool and deck areas. Each homeowner will receive enough to cover the occupancy limit of their units. HOA office will start issuing the bands after Labor Day. All board approved.

Dryer vents: Judy brought up the concern of venting the clothes dryers to the outside where possible due to code violations and health risks to homeowners. The Board voted yes for Steve P. to contact contractors for estimates on venting the dryer exhaust to the outside.

The board brought up the fact that Calvin has permanently attached a box to outside wall of C-1. It has been there for months without board approval.

Harold reminded Steve that the Homeowner newsletter about the annual meeting needs to be mailed in Aug.

Meeting was called to end by Harold and 2nd by Judy.


Meeting was adjourned at 5 pm by Penny Canady. The next general meeting will be at 1 pm on July 29, in HOA office.

Minutes submitted by:

Shelia Trull, Secretary