Meeting Minutes 7-11-2020

meeting 7-11-2020
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Royal Garden Resort Regime

Homeowners Association, INC.

Regular Board meeting

Saturday July 11, 2020

Call to order

Wayne Longbrake called to order the regular meeting of the Royal Garden Resort Regime Homeowners Association, Inc. at 9 am on July 11, 2020 at HOA office.

Roll call

Wayne Longbrake, Neil Grey, Judy Parrish, Shelia Trull, Steve Hunt and Debby Scott by zoom.

Approval of minutes from last meeting

Everyone read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read.

Financial Report

June 2020

Operation account 6/30/2020 $63,396.12

Reserve account 6/30/2020 $251,407.91

Delinquencies: to date 6/30/2020 $23,475.48 with the bulk owed by unit 1106 at $16,514.83. Steve stated he has finally got in contact with the owner of unit 1106 and is currently working on resolving the due balance.

Shelia moved to accept the financial report Debby 2nd all approve.

Legal update: by Judy Parrish

Mediation meeting on June 29, 2020 was held with all parties in attendance by zoom meeting. The HOA board and Calvin Donaldson did not reach an agreement. And the case will be going to South Carolina court for final decision. Gene Connell suggested again on suing the old board members on the insurance policy to retrieve money lost. This was voted on by email on Monday June 29, 2020. All board members approved to continue and sue the old HOA board members/ insurance policy. Gene stated to Judy that the insurance company may join in the lawsuit.

Committee Reports

By-Law Committee

Red line version of By-Laws was emailed to Jay Haar on June 22,2020, he confirmed that he received them and would look and get back to Shelia. She followed up with Jay Haar on July 9, 2020 and he replied that he was still working with the redline version and would follow up with Shelia soon.

Personnel Committee

Debby reported the she and Steve Hunt have done the employee reviews, and everyone received average or better on their reviews. Two employees are due pay increases currently. Judy moved to raise both employees .50 per hour to start August 1, 2020, Shelia 2nd all approved.

Wayne and Debby to do office staff reviews.

We have had two new staff hires for risk management and Steve is looking into shifting staff working hours to cover where needed.

Debby stated that the homeowners and employees need to submit in writing to the Board any concerns and sign it.

Maintenance Committee

Neil reported the chiller update. In investigating and quoting adding a filter and chemical feeder to the chiller, besides easing additions of chemicals to the system, the filter will be able to remove small pieces of metal or sand from work being done on the system. Filter cost about $800

Indoor pool dehumidifier – the air plenum over the cooling fans are not currently providing adequate venting of air out of the room. A makeshift exhaust fan has failed and is badly rusted making the situation worse. Neil will check on proper venting and report his findings. Waiting on MST to get the dehumidifier back up and running with the new compressor.

Office equipment- new computer and monitors have been ordered for Steve Hunt. And all old computers have been cleared and sold.

Judy moved to accept the committees reports Debby 2nd all approved.

Manager report

The painting is behind about 2 weeks.

Unit 105 is having the same gurgling problems as unit 115, Carl Moses is to install Studer vents in unit 105 and second vent in unit 115.

With the recent rains the San Bar reported having several inches of water coming into the front door. Steve is to follow up with them about a door seal plate.

Steve asked the board about looking into getting a utility vehicle to replace the broken golf cart. Several members are looking into options and will report back.

Stack clean outs are being put on a schedule.

Steve has found a $200 charge for Sea Breeze on the Spectrum account; the board ask him to investigate further and report his findings.

All items for the annual meeting are due to the office by August 15 to be mailed out to homeowners.

Elevator update

Report by Neil Grey- after a meeting with Cavinder Elevator Company showed a price of about $566,440 for the following: basic price to update controls, add new AC enhanced drives, emergency power operation, surge protectors, up to date control system and system monitoring equipment, update doors an hardware in cars 1 & 2 to match 3, new positioning system, new car top inspection station, new internal panels in the cars, new fire command panel, elevator position indicators on one of the lobbies, new lights in the cars, crane to take supplies to roof. Additional elevator cost was $11,500 to bring one elevator to the ground floor. Construction cost for adding the pit was not updated but ranged from $28K - $43K in 2017.

Annual Meeting Agenda

The annual meeting will be held on Saturday Oct. 2,2020 at the Grand Strand Campus conference room across from Market Commons. It will accommodate 300 people. We will also offer a zoom meeting option for those who chose not to attend in person due to the current Covid situation. Each Board member will be giving a report to the homeowners from their committees. All information for homeowners’ packets needs to be ready to mail by August 15, 2020.

Emails to go out soon for openings on the board.


June 15,2020 Board voted to reserve the Grand Strand Campus conference room for the Annual meeting.

June 29, 2020 update from Gene Connell about the mediation meeting. He will proceed with depositions and stated the board needed to decide now to sue the old board on the insurance policy to retrieve money lost. All approved to proceed with the next steps, to go to court and sue the old board/insurance policy.

Annual budget

Judy presented the proposed budget for 2021, the board went over and discussed.

Debby moved to accept the proposed budget, Neil 2nd all approve.

I. Adjournment

Wayne Longbrake adjourned the meeting at 11:10 am.

Minutes submitted by: Shelia Trull