Meeting Minutes 8-31-2019

aug 31 2019
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Royal Garden Resort Homeowners Association, INC.

Board of Directors Meeting minutes


August 31, 2019

I. Call to order

Penny Canady called to order the regular meeting of the Royal Garden Resort at 10 am on 8/31/2019 at HOA office.

II. Roll call

Penny Canady, Harold Outz, Judy Parrish, Wayne Longbrake, Shelia Trull, Kathleen Longbrake 1606, David Scott 1603, Steve Pitzer

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Everyone read minutes, Mr. Wayne had a question about item on last page Star Life Safety proposal, he questioned the amount of $72,000 that was stated in the minutes. The total stated was wrong and the correct amount is $64,190 for the repairs. Minutes will be put forth of approval at next meeting.

IV. Open issues

a) Detailed balance sheets and payroll summaries for July 2019 were give to the board to go over.

Operating account balance as of 7/1/2019 $39,016.86

Income $98,132.80

Balance before expenses $137,149.66

Expenses $122,097.23

Balance on hand 7/31/2019 $15,052.43

b) Balance of reserve account as of 7/31/2019 $395,830.44

c) Handicap parking has been expanded to 7 spaces and Mrs. Paula in unit 406 was sent a letter stating the HOA could not honor her request for designated parking space. She signed and it is in her file.

d) Unit 512 with the dog issue has sold and moved

e) Kathleen Longbrake unit 1606 spoke with the Board privately about items of concern for her. Asked the Board to take items into consideration. Wayne recused himself for this discussion.

f) Cavender Elevator $5261.51 This is for the repair and replacement of the starter contacts associated with elevator cars 2 & 3. This is a required repair that is already beginning to make a screeching noise that is phase of beginning of malfunctioning. Motion by Penny 2nd by Harold all vote yes

g) Cooling tower repairs $ 2398.87 + $2365.52 = $4764.39 these two quotes are for the repairs to the cooling tower motor and gearbox. Gearbox may be warrantied. Motion by Judy 2nd by Harold all vote yes to hold payment on invoices on motor and gearbox until we hear from factory about the warranty.

h) Pool vacuum $1505.28 this vacuum does not have to be connected to the pool system, therefor requires not pool pump training. It also captures dirt independent of the filter saving wear and tear plus chemicals and water. It will cut the time in half to vacuum the pools. Motion by Penny Judy 2nd all vote yes to purchase.

i) Exit parking arm needs to be longer, Ask Steve P to investigate exchanging for a longer arm.

j) Alarm systems repairs- All three risers are 100% complete except for energizing and testing. Energizing and testing should be complete by 9/6/2019. They encountered approximately 3 areas in different locations of the building requiring them to punch small hole in the exterior walls to pull wires. Our maintenance is making the repairs as they complete the work. They will be wiring the fire pump room over the next few weeks. The risers once complete will only provide external fire protection only. None of the internal components will be operable until the central riser is complete. This would require additional board approval.

k) The A/C is installed in the Fire alarm/phone room and is working.

l) Use of personal emails for HOA business- all email votes are going to be discussed at Board meeting for follow up and to be documented into the minutes.

m) Mr. David Scott spoke to the Board, he gave the board an inspirational poster about ATTITUDE. He stated about how so many homeowners are expressing how better things are and how so many good things have come from the board, general manager and employees. He reminded the board that they needed to work together.

n) Employee evaluations- Steve Pitzer suggested eliminating the dayshift risk management person, bring them back next Memorial Day. Shifted Scott Blythe to Risk management working team lead, with a $.50 pay increase, putting him at $13p/h. Move second shift maintenance to day shift. And Rob maintenance supervisor is leaving 8/31. Propose moving Wade as working team lead. As of now we have 7 maintenance employees, board discussed getting payroll down for the fall/winter season. Hold off in hiring a maintenance supervisor.

o) Budget- The Board was giving a copy of the annual budget which runs from January to December. There were several line items that needed to be adjusted and the board ask to have Steve Hunt adjust the budget for the next meeting. Steve Pitzer stated the electric and water bills have steadily gone up this year. Board discussed a possible regime increase in the future to fill the budget gap. Board also discussed other areas to adjust to save money.

p) Attorney- Board discussed not using Sheri McAllister. But will instead use Jay Haar. As of this date the board has not heard from our attorney Gene Connell with the follow up on the case.

q) Follow up on Al in risk management. Steve Pitzer stated that Al and his son quit after the last board meeting in July.

r) CPO-Certified Pool Operator- With Rob leaving the resort needs an employee with CPO certification. Steve suggested Gary Malone take the class which costs $405 to be certified. Judy made the motion Penny 2nd all vote yes for Gary to take the certification class.

s) Steve P. presented to the board the requested employee job descriptions.

t) Completed projects: Installed dry erase board for indoor pool temperature. Bicycle rack has been repainted and moved. All motorcycle, compact car, handicap spaces and golf cart spaces are complete. All doorknob and dead bolt keys are now separated and secure. All master keys are secure in lock box safe.

u) In progress- repainting elevator doors with appropriate paint. Repainting window and door casing in elevator lobbies. Installing sump pump pits in the parking garage.

v) New business

w) Master keys will not be given out. All after hour homeowner lockouts are asked to call American Lock & key for lockouts.

x) Unit 1514 has been sold as a foreclosure. The outstanding amount from the previous owner for regimes, assessments and late fees is $11,508.08. after all the outstanding debts are paid Royal Garden is not likely to collect any of the outstanding balance. Judy made the motion Penny 2nd all vote yes to write the amount off as bad debt.

y) Snowbird mail- Steve P. to send a letter to all rental companies as well as owners that rent out their units. Stating the HOA office will NOT accept any packages or mail for snowbirds. Guest will need to plan for their UPS and FedEx packages. Judy made motion Penny 2nd all vote yes

z) Homeowners Social- A list of food items was presented and all approved. Harold to bring two coffee urns for meetings.

aa) Fireworks signs have been purchased and to be placed at each end of property on the beach side.

bb) Vending machine income as to date $2500. Will hard wire machine to the internet in off season.

cc) Attorney letter for the Homeowners meeting. Harold will speak with Gene Connell about letter.

dd) Follow up on Calvin’s HOA and electrical- no news to report at this time.

ee) Jody will assist Shelia with minute notes at the Oct. Homeowners meeting.

ff) Beach drain from roof- propose to place an enclosed box with pump. Steve Pitzer will explore the options to solve this problem.

gg) Harold made a motion to amend the parking rule- to add All vehicles must be moved at least once every two weeks. Any abandon looking vehicle (flat tires, dusty& dirty, leaking fluids, etc.). Per Board discussion, the part about being moved cannot legally be enforced. RGR has 206 units with use of 2 parking spaces per unit, as to date RGR has 210 parking spaces with 7 spaces being handicap, that leaves 203 parking spaces for normal homeowner use. Board discussed asking homeowner to store offsite or in non-prime spaces. Judy suggested talking with Jay Haar about our legal rights. Harold tabled discussion for now. All agreed to wait for legal counsel.

hh) Flower policy for RGR for full time employees. Harold presented his proposal as follows: Hospital stay 2 or more days. Employee or Spouse $40 -$50, Children 0 to 18 yrs. living at home $10-$35 for flower or stuffed animal. Death – Employee $100 for flowers or donation, Spouse $75-$100, Children living at home 0 to 18 yrs. $70-$90 Harold motion Judy 2nd all vote yes .

ii) Outside showers- Steve P. suggested the board investigates purchasing a shower unit like the ones used at the public beach access.

jj) Rule and regulations- Board went over the new copy of the rules to be filed and found several items that needed to be corrected. Judy will contact Jay Haar with filing the new rules when finished.

V. Adjournment

Penny Canady adjourned the meeting at 1:35 pm. Next RGR Board meeting Friday October 4th at 1pm. In the HOA office.

Minutes submitted by: Shelia Trull

Minutes approved by: