Meeting Minutes 8-8-2020

minutes 8-8-2020
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Royal Garden Resort Regime Homeowners

Association, INC.

Regular Board meeting

August 8, 2020

Call to order

Wayne Longbrake called to order the regular meeting of the Royal Garden Resort Regime Homeowners Association, Inc. at 9am on August 8, 2020 at HOA office.

Roll call

Everyoneconducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Shelia Trull, Neil Gray, Steve Hunt and Debby Scott via phone, Judy Parrish was absent for family emergency.

Approval of minutes from last meeting

Everyone read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read.

Financial Report

July 2020

Operating account 7/31/2020 $52,921.73

Reserve account 7/31/2020 $334,277.67

Wayne moved to accept financial report Neil 2nd all approved.

Legal update

Monday July 27 the Board approved by email for Gene Connell to file the paperwork with the court system to sue the old board members for negligence due to mishandling of HOA monies.

Committee Reports

By-Law Committee

Shelia reported that Jay Haar is still working on the legal updates to the redline by-laws and that he would have them to us to mail to the homeowners in the annual meeting packets.

Maintenance Committee

Neil reported the new office computers and monitors are now in and operating.

Measurements were taken of the elevator tower on various floors to determine what the ground floor configuration might look like. Based on the findings the wall on the ground floor is solid and an opening for the elevator doors will need to be cut in the wall to bring the elevator down to the ground floor.

Received a quote from Southwest Engineers for the filtering system to remove small particles from the cooling system water. The unit itself was $791.82 and requires some plumbing work to install. Will coordinate MST and Southwest engineers to install.

Still waiting to hear back from County on changing the roof drain trench. And still waiting for the County Sewer contractor to provide the location of the attachment point of the sewer line to help us find out where the stack lines might join into the sewer.

Shelia moved to accept the committee reports, Neil 2nd All approve.

Management Report

Parts for the compressor and chiller towers are delayed.

Hurricane check list will be emailed to the Board

The research into the $200 on the Time Warner bill is for 16 cameras on a separate server. Steve will have Com Serve to check all the servers to see where the cameras are.

The stack clean outs have run into problems on the ground floor plumbing. Carl Moses plumber can fix all problems and snake about 100 ft of pipe clean outs from the ground floor for $1500. This should fix all the clean out problems. Neil moved to approve the cost of the fix; Wayne 2nd all approved.

Pool pump motor needs to be replaced at a $551.99 cost. Neil moved to accept cost and replace motor; Wayne 2nd all approved

Chem-Search has offered a chemical to deodorize the dumpster area and the trash chutes for a cost of $175 monthly. Neil moved to try the deodorizer for three months and revisit for results; Shelia 2nd all approve.

The board set a budget of $5000 to $7000 for the purchase of a utility vehicle.

Steve Hunt needs approval of one board signer for the checks in the month of August. Wayne moved for the month of August to allow one signature for checks: all approved

Homeowner concerns

An owner suggested to have biohazard bins for used masks and gloves. The board does not see a need currently.

There has been a complaint about the overhead light in the guard office not being on. The homeowners feel the employees are not doing their jobs fully with the light off. Board discussed issue and decided to place a lamp in the office for lighting, because the guards can not see into vehicles at night with the light on.

There has been a complaint of golf carts going to the first-floor level C loading area to unload items. Board discussed this issue and decided the owners have the same rule as any loading and unloading area in the parking garage. A 15-minute parking time limit then golf cart must be moved back to first level parking.

Glass door for ground lobby is on hold until after the elevator project is decided.

Steve Hunt is to check with Com Serv for a quote for additional cameras needed.

Wayne would like all committee reports to have project costs.


The proposal of $620,000.00 to update all elevators with new operating equipment and to increase speed was discussed and an assessment spread sheet was discussed, the Board members present approved with a vote of 3 to 1 for the assessment. All approved to present to homeowners for a vote.

Neil proposed checking into a bank loan for the some or all the assessment for the elevator project. The board discussed and approved for Steve to check with the bank for information.

Annual meeting

The board decided to do a combo event of in person and ZOOM. The packets are to be ready by the 19th of August.

Hurricane damage

DHEC did an inspection of the building and did not find anything wrong. The pavers that were damaged will be replaced by McAndrews at no cost to the homeowners. Our employees went above and beyond to get the resort back up and running. The board discussed and decided to give all the employees the helped with the sand removal and damage clean up a bonus. Debby moved to give each employee a $100 bonus for hurricane cleanup; Neil 2nd all approved.

Employee protocol

Debby stated that some homeowners have been harassing and treating the employees unfairly and we as a board need to find ways to make this stop before we lose good employees. Board discussed this issue and decided that all complaints need to be in writing and is up to management to review employee and homeowner complaints and decide the outcome, results will be confidential.

Wayne Longbrake adjourned the meeting at 11:30 am

Minutes submitted by: Shelia Trull