Meeting Minutes 9-12-2020

reg. meeting 9-12-2020
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Royal Garden Resort Regime

Homeowners Association, Inc.

Regular Board meeting

September 12,2020

Call to order

Wayne Longbrake called to order the regular meeting of the Royal Garden Resort Regime Homeowners Association, Inc. at 9am on Saturday September 12,2020 at HOA office.

Roll call

The following persons were present: Judy Parrish, Neil Grey, Shelia Trull, Wayne Longbrake, Steve Hunt and Debby Scott via ZOOM.

Homeowners present: Bert Eizensmits unit 1210, Brian Briggs unit 610

Approval of minutes from last meeting

The minutes were approved as read.

Homeowners concerns

Brian Briggs had some questions from the information that was contained in the homeowner packet that was mailed for the annual meeting. He found some misspelling and grammar errors in the by-laws and had some concerns about the attorney who proofread them. He also had questions about items on the proposed budget for 2021. Wanted to know why we had only one estimate for the elevator project. And had concerns about voting for items without all the information. Judy, Wayne and Neil answered as best of their knowledge on the items.

Bert Eizensmits asked about fixing one elevator now and saving the parts for repairs for the others. Neil answered his questions as best of his knowledge on the elevators.

Financial Report

August 2020

Operating account 8/31/2020 $38,422,64

Reserve account 8/31/2020 $375,749.51

Delinquencies 8/31/2020 $28,282.01

Shelia moved to accept the financial report Neil 2nd, all approved.

Committee Reports

Maintenance committee report was given by Neil Grey. The committee is continuing to search for a utility vehicle. Grand Strand water and sewer will be inspecting the sewer lines and are going to mark where the building ties into the main line. This should help us gain an idea of where the line is coming from in the building. Still working on the roof drain issues and getting permits of fix.

Shelia moved to accept maintenance report Judy 2nd, all approved.

Social committee report by Shelia Trull. She asked about having an open-air meet and greet on the pool deck for the homeowners Friday night before annual meeting. Ideas were discussed and was decided with the COVID danger to not host a meet and greet. But homeowners can socialize at their leisure. Judy moved to accept the decision not to hold a meet and greet Neil 2nd, all approved.

Management Report

Picknick tables need repair or replacement. Wayne asked for a committee to be formed and report back to the board with findings.

Com-serv has inspected for extra cameras and the office is currently waiting on their report.

Chiller motor is fixed and is up and running, chiller filters are being followed up with MST and Carl Moses plumbing for cost of installing.

Indoor pool dehumidifier parts are in and are waiting for installation.

The office needs a new printer, as the old one is not working properly. Shelia moved to purchase a new printer Debby 2nd, all approved.

Steve Hunt is to send a letter to the owner of Commercial unit 2 for a master key to the locks on the C-2 units as stated in the Master Deed.

Unit concerns: A homeowner feels the HOA should inspect all units a regular basis for anything that could cause damage to the unit or others. Board discussed and decided it is the homeowner’s responsibility to inspect their units. Homeowner asked the board about using a generator on the balcony during power outages. Board discussed and it is a fire hazard and against the fire code for the use of generators in multi-family dwellings. Neil moved not to allow the use of generators Debby 2nd, all approved.

Sea Breeze reported they had a squatter using one of their units for several weeks, the person was caught, and police were called, the person was charged by the police.

Annual Meeting

All committee reports should be finished and ready for the meeting.

A committee of 3 homeowners will be formed for vote verification. Shelia Trull will head committee with Steve Hunt and Jodi Napor. Homeowner Bert Eizensmits unit 1210 has volunteered and will be asking 1 other homeowner to join. Committee will meet Monday September 28,2020 at 2pm to count the votes.

Hurricane Protocols

A list was given to the board to look over. Shelia moved to table discussion until next meeting Neil 2nd, all approved.

Sand Bar

On August 5,2020 Carl Moses plumbing was replacing the condensation and drain lines in the maintenance shop next door to the Sand Bar, a pipe, that was not soldered properly, came apart. Water from the A/C line sprayed all over maintenance and the Sand Bar. The Bar received a significant amount of water. The office offered to call Pro Master to clean up, but could not reach, so 2 maintenance employees cleaned as best as they could, in mean time the Bar owner Logan Donaldson was able to reach Pro Master, and they were able to come and complete the clean up on the walls and disinfect. Cost of Pro Master $471. Judy moved to pay Pro Master bill of $471 Neil 2nd, all approved.

South end building repairs

McAndrews are doing the repairs, there was a significant amount of damage. The cost is for materials and time. And McAndrews will be sealing the glass windows at the indoor pool roof also.

Personnel committee

Personnel committee report was given by Debby Scott. All employee reviews are complete, and everyone as performed well. Judy moved to increase the pay of the following employees by .50 per hr. Wayne 2nd, all approved. Gary Malone, Abdallah Fennich, Felix Suruy-Boror, Stanley Tribble, and John Bottaro.

Debby moved to increase Steve Hunts income by $3000 per year Wayne 2nd, all approved.


Wayne Longbrake adjourned the meeting at 11am.

Minutes submitted by: Shelia Trull